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About us

i.Edge Systems Design is a modern IT company that focuses on developing custom solutions and providing integrated services to help our clients solve their problems in high precission and pursue growth opportunities.

We continually partner with governements, businesses and development aid organisations in:

  • Building Enterprise Systems.
  • Managing Mission Critical Projects.
  • Training & Capacity Building.

The Power of Design

Our team is driven by a spirit of entrepreneurship, whereby we approach every job and task with a design mindset. We believe design is the essential key to unlock success and value in any project. Well designed systems, processes and workflows will in turn help us better design our world. When we design solutions for our clients we do not only design for the problems but also for the opportunities that can be pursued. We masterfully balance the science and art of systems design to deliver invaluable innovation. This is how we give our clients the edge to enterprise the future!


As a group with a versatile skills set, we offer an end-to-end service catalog that make us the perfect partner for implementing and running tech facilities:

Info. Systems & Software Development

Gain competitive advantages by implementing custom applications and systems designed to meet your specific requirements and pursue your growth opportunities.

G.I.S. & Location Intelligence

Working with people, natural resources, infrastructure or any field activities and assets? Systems that help you understand location and geography will give you great strategic value. We design and develop bespoke Geographic Information Systems and Location Intelligence solutions.

Business Management Solutions

Running a successful business today's volatile and highly competitive world requires you to have the tools to help you to become quick to adapt and responsive to growth opportunities on the spot. Using our creative and innovative entrepreneurship experience, we help you deploy the solutions to effectively manage your resources and effectively grow in your world of work.

Enterprise Integration Services

Enterprise efficiency and continuity depends on how well your systems, processes and workflows are connected. Different departments and business units will implement systems that best work for them, but enterprise unification is essential for any mission critical organisation. We help you ensure semaless integration of all IT systems and services within your enterprise.

Data & Information Services

In the modern age, data has become the most important resource for any business, government department and other mission critical organisations. Data is the life-blood for your systems, workflows and strategy formulation. When efficiency, precission and timeliness are key factors, evidence-based decision making is the underpinning factor to your success. We offer services to help in the acquisition, capturing, management and processing of data as a key strategic resource.

Enterprise I.T. Consulting & Training

From running a project to building organisational I.T. capacity, we are the right partner for you to realise true value in working with technology.

Think DATA. Your data. Any type of data...

Your data is your most valuable resource to create strategic value and drive growth in your business/organisation. Manage it well, and you can leverage it well:

Transactional Data
Document-based Data
Archival Data

We will help you design and build for and on it. On the cloud, on-premise - anywhere!

Learn G.I.S. with us!

We offer training in Geographic Information systems for businesses, government departments and NGOs. Individuals who learn how to use G.I.S. can accomplish great things in their organizations and communities by applying geography and the science of location to solve problems.

Learn G.I.S. with i.Edge Learning and you will be well informed and equipped in the following:

  • G.I.S. Principles
  • G.I.S. Applications
  • G.I.S. Projects
  • Enterprise GeoDatabase Design using ArcGIS ArcSDE technology

Featured Solution Areas

Over some time, our team has worked on several mission critical projects in which


Some of our clients in projects, products and services:

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