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Data & Information Services

We live and work in an accelerated and volatile age where change, not stability, is a given. Leaders in business, government and other organisations will appreciate that knowledge and ideas are the main drivers for competitiveness, success and growth. Your work teams need to be able to locate, assess, present, share and consume new information quickly. They need to be able to efficiently communicate this to others to be able to work productively in collaboration. They need to be adaptable, creative and innovative, and be able to understand trends and patterns at a 'systems' or big-picture level. Most importantly, they need to be able to think and learn for themselves, and this is how you build corporate insights

In all this, DATA is the key resource, and like any other resource, your organisation will need the right tools, means and policies to source, manage, distribute and utilise it.

i.Edge Systems Design provides the services to help your organisation harvest, manage and turn data into insights, allowing you and your teams to decide and act smarter and pro-actively.

Integral-Edge Solutions Delivery Framework

let us help you work smarter

Data is the key resource that will help your organisation succeed as a modern enterprise. It is the resource that will form the knowledge fabric of your teams.

i.Edge Systems Design provides the services  to help you source and work with data; produce easily readable information products; easily share information products with your teams to develop and sustain knowledge across the enterprise. We have helped government ministries, humanitarian aid and development organisations, private businesses and local authorities to be more factual and objective with their decisions and actions using data.