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G.I.S. & Location Intelligence

Working with people, property, field events, infrastructure, logistics or field facilities? This G.I.S. and Location Intelligence! Geographic information systems will help you better understand your data by revieling location/geographical relationships and patterns.

An estimated 70% of all data and information captured in businesses, government and other organisations has a direct geographic/spatial reference: a street address, a stand number, proximity to other locations, GPS coordinates etc. As data has become the key resource for any organisation in the modern world, it is essential that you have the right tools, skills and applications to work with data that is of geographic nature.

How can we help you today?

We help organisations discover strategic value addition in implementing and making use of GIS through the following:

  • Custom GIS software Development
  • Field Mapping Services
  • GIS Projects Management
  • GeoData Aqcusitions
  • Map & Atlas Productions
  • Industry Standard Mapping Software

Our Work in GIS

We have helped governments, businesses and NGOs run their projects, manage and understand their data, collaborate and communicate better through the use og GIS solutions we have provided. Our GIS solutions work on enterprise premises, in the cloud as well as in the field and seamlessly across departments / business units.

Below are some maps produced on some of our GIS developments and deployments: