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Information Systems & Software Development

When IT executives and their business counterparts try to identify technologies that drive true business transformation, custom software systems emerge as one of the most effective agents of strategic and operational enhancement. Moreso, today's competitive and demanding work environment will require your organisation to be tooled with the right technologies. Our custom software and information systems development services will give your organisations the right tools to enable you to collaborate efficiently, deliver fast and with increased precision.

We have a dynamic and multi-skilled team that builds systems that run on all modern platforms (desktop, web, mobile, cloud, on-premise), work with any kind of data (relational, goegraphic, graph, document, multidedia) and for small to large scale enterprises.

We have crafted a unique solutions delivery framework, called the EEDDEE Framework. This framework is: 1) driven by an agile and entreprenural philosophy to ensure robustness and undiluted focus on delivering business value, 2) simplified to ensure that time and resources are exclusively spent on productive activities, and 3) inclusive at all stages to enable client participation in and throughout all processes.

i.Edge Solutions Delivery Framework

Using our unique solution delivery framework, we have successdully deployed custom built systems that hold a collective active user-base of more than 320,000 in various sectors including water resources management, government, municipalities, telecoms, agriculture, mining, real estate, energy, humanitarian aid and retail.