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Systems for Sustainable Development

As an African business by Africans, we at iEdge understand first-hand the humanitarian and developmental challenges on the continent. Although the continent has oftenly been monolithically defined when it comes to aid and developmental issues, the challenges we face are as diverse as the people who call it home. Now with the phenomenon of globalisation constantly changing the landscape of our world, never has there been a time such as we are now, when we need to convert aid into accelerated, inclusive and sustainable development - ensuirng that no one is left behind.

At iEdge Systems Design, not only do we understand the problems, but even more, we understand and are passionate about the opportunities. We believe that ICTs are key. Over the years, we have and continue to partner with governments and NGOs in designing, developing and institutionalising systems that enable increased precision, inclusivity and rapid responsiveness in delivering development aid and solutions:

We understand that it takes more than software to drive sustainable development - there is great need for systems that integrate well with people, processes and policies. We have designed and developed medium to large scale systems that are helping in delivering meanigful aid and driving sustainable development in sectors that include WASH, education, women's rights, child protection, health, agriculture and food security

We are the builders of platforms that help you deliver meaningful aid and drive for sustainable development

Resources, projects and people: these are the crucial elements that every humanitarian & development aid organisation need to effectively manage and/or connect to succeed in their sectors of work. iEdge Systems Design will help you put in place the right systems and tools to:

Plan more effectively

Maximize the impact of projects in using systems that help you in documenting target problems and optimizing the distribution of resources. Get insight about where activities can be focused to best reach targets outlined in your Sustainable Development Goals.

Manage operations more efficiently

Efficiency is the key to ensuring that you reach your intended targets in time and with adequate resources. Use systems of record and response servicing in the office and in the field to enhance accountability and value delivery. Get the right tools precisely made for your organisation to manage your data, teams, resources and activities holistically. Using the power of G.I.S., map-out your locations and understand your environment better.

Measure impact

We help you implememnt platforms that precisely measure results so you can justify expenditures and secure future funding. Take advantage of analytics that precisely assess program effectiveness and enable you to share it with all stakeholders via dashboards and map-based reports.

Strengthen partnerships

Delivering meaningful aid and sustainable development all rests on partnerships. From financiers/donors, implementing partners, authorities right down to the client communities, there has to be strong collaborative interaction. We implement solutions that serve as collaboration hubs to facilitate such interactions. We always aim to be inclusive in our systems.