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The world today and the future is mastered by the businesses and organisations that have the right digital tools, platforms and approaches that not only enable them to survive but to shape our world.

INNOVEDGE is your partner to help you discover, define and deploy the most comprehensive solutions to your challenges and opportunities in your world of work.

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From commercial businesses, government to humanitarian organisations, InnovEdge is the proven partner to discover, design, develop and deploy comprehensive digital-age solutions.

Enterprise Information Systems

Bespoke and standard enterprise software systems that are responsive to and scale precisely to your teams’ organisation’s needs.

Data Services & Informatics

Data is the is the currency for productivity, development and growth.


G.I.S. & Location Intelligence

If you can’t locate it you can’t manage it. Geographic Information Systems are powering location intelligence for organisations in virtually all sectors.

Projects Management & Resourcing

Continuous innovation is a necessity in technical and strategic projects, We offer holistic consulting services to ensure your projects are appropriately managed and resourced.