Do you work with people, land, natural resources, infrastructure, property, field events, logistics, field facilities or projects? If so, utilize our G.I.S. and Location Intelligence solutions; Our Geographic Information Systems reveal geographical relationships and patterns that will enable you to better understand your data.

We assist governments, businesses and NGOs to run their projects, manage and comprehend their data as well as collaborate and communicate better through the use of our G.I.S systems and Location Intelligence services. We provide solutions that work both on your enterprise premises, and also function in the cloud and the field working seamlessly across departments and business units. More importantly, our G.I.S systems are designed to integrate with and complement your existing line of business applications and information systems.

With our G.I.S and Location Intelligence solutions, organizations of all sizes, are able to more precisely:

Locate, Track and Manage Field Infrastructure, Facilities & Resources

Track and monitor change in real-time

Locate, identify and respond to problems and events in real-time

Connect and collaborate in planning and operations

Understand spatial relationships, trends and patterns

We enable organizations to discover strategic value by implementing and making use of GIS through the following services:

Custom G.I.S. systems development and implementation

G.I.S. Project Planning, Resourcing & Management

GeoData Auditing, Acquisitions & Transformation

Publication of maps and map-books for print and electronic distribution

Field Surveys, Mapping & Data Collection