Helping you Enterprise the Future.


INNOVEDGE is a modern, forward thinking enterprise technology solutions and projects resourcing firm, established in 2010.


We design, develop and deploy digital solutions for our clients to not only to solve existing problems but to also proactively pursue growth opportunities.


To enable smart, sustainable growth and development through the use of bespoke operations-enhancing systems and methodologies in the government, businesses and agencies we partner with.


INNOVEDGE is made up of a diverse and multi-talented team of minds that are driven by an entrepreneurial spirit. 


Envision, Design & Develop your world with us!

INNOVEDGE is made-up of a multi-talented team that is driven by a strong sense of entrepreneurship. Design and Innovation are our key strengths, as we continually strive to deliver maximum value on every project. Through the implementation of our well designed systems, processes and work-flows, our clients have been empowered to better design and develop their own worlds of work!

Our business was born out of the realisation that in order for African organisations in business, government and not-for-profit domains to work and deliver competitively in a highly volatile world, there is a strong need for bespoke ICT solutions that precisely meet our unique challenges and define the coherent paths for us pursue our growth opportunities.

Our approach is to design solutions that enable digital agglomeration and cross-sectorial collaboration.

We do not only design solutions to solve stated problems but more so for our clients to pro-actively pursue growth opportunities that come with each challenge. We masterfully balance the science and art of Systems Thinking to deliver invaluable innovation. This makes us more than a technology company – we are growth solutions provider, driven by the entrepreneurial spirit of transformative ideation and innovation.

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