Smart Cities & Communities are by design through Smart Systems & Solutions.


Urban areas in Sub-Saharan Africa see population growth averaging 5% every year. This puts immense pressure on local authorities to keep up with service delivery as well as modernize in order to attract business and investment. As an African governance, investment and development solutions provider, we understand the challenges all too well.

It is impossible to grow and improve service delivery without the right tools to measure and plan. It is also impossible to modernize a city or a town without first modernizing the tools and operations. We have the custom tools and solutions to make urban growth sustainable and modernization attainable.


Smart cities and smart communities are those that take a Systems Thinking approach to make the lives of their citizens better. InnovEdge provides technology solutions and services that help local authorities of all sizes to build smart communities. These communities understand that smart is a journey, not a destination. With technologies such as GIS, they can meet current challenges; rethink “business as usual” mindsets; and reimagine a community based on technological advances that support infrastructure needs, humans in crisis, climate change, and whatever else the future may bring. 

INNOVEDGE Provides Technology Products, Solutions and Services for Local Authorities to Modernise their Operations Along the following key tenets:

Bring the power of G.I.S. and Spatial Intelligence to your data.
Break data and workflow silos and unify your teams and departments using systems that support seamless cross-departmental connectivity and collaboration.
Implement systems that can be customized to meet the unique challenges and growth opportunities in your jurisdictions.
Equip your field staff and crews with mobility solutions to keep them connected to their data, workflows and team-members while out in the field.
Achieve business intelligence and insights, fueled by real-time system of record, data integration and analytics.
Connect with your communities through seamless end-points and medium to establish trust, transparency and partnership in better management and development of your jurisdiction.


UrbanWorks is an integrated spatial information and operations management system for both urban and urbanising local authorities. The system is designed to specifically help these local authorities to better manage their field infrastructure, development and maintenance operations, customer service delivery and improve revenue collection.

Enable office staff to better understand problems and discover opportunities on the ground using interactive maps for data analysis and reporting.

Keep field staff connected in real-time using the UrbanWorks Field-Collector mobile application that links back to the central geodatabase.

Key Features:

Central Digital Cadastral and Land Management
Digital Service Meter Readings
Spatial Data Driven Billing & Revenue Collection
Online Permits & Customer Requests Management
Properties Valuation & Revenue Analysis
Urban Infrastructure Management
Remote Sensed Developments Tracking
Service Delivery Tracking
Customer Profiling