Smarter Management of Infrastructure, Facilities, Assets & Sites.

From managing site-based projects to operations infrastructure and facilities, INNOVEDGE Asset and Operations Management Solutions will help you optimize your workplaces and workflows at every level. Spatial mapping coupled with real-time operations data has revolutionized how leaders understand and manage field projects and operations. Using Location & Business Intelligence Solutions reveals opportunities for enhancements that deliver excellent working environments. 

The solutions we have developed can be customized and fine-tuned to converse directly with your business and workforce needs. Our approach to the problems and opportunities strengthens workforce collaboration, operations and helps attract and retain employees while boosting productivity.

If your business is utilities, construction, infrastructure, site management, real estate or such nature, contact us today and discover a new world of solutions and opportunities to propel you into you better next.

Digital Twining

We provide the solutions and services to help you create digital twins of your natural and built work environments and assets. Digital twins are models that abstract our world so that you can make better decisions and improve outcomes.

Harness the power of our Location Intelligence and Real-Time Data systems to create smarter high-fidelity operations and workflows that seamlessly connect your office and field / off-site activities.

Connected Digital Field Operations

Reduce latency, introduce digital workflows and location intelligence with our WorkForce Mobility solutions. Replace outdated paper-based workflows. Enable workers to easily perform accurate data collection and asset inspections in any environment with data collection apps for mobile workers of all technical levels. Field-captured data immediately feeds into your systems of record, streamlining life cycle management and supporting better decision-making.


Spatial Portfolio Management

Managing a portfolio of real-estate, utility networks, point of service facilities or any other such assets – increase your acumen by introducing Digital Spatial Assets Portfolio Management. This will serve as an effective and fully agile system of record and insight for your operations.