Our custom solutions provide you with adaptable and extensive systems that speak directly to your needs, helping you stay ahead in an increasingly competitive environment.

When looking to drive true transformation within an organization, customized software and enterprise systems emerge as the most effective means to deliver lasting strategic and operational enhancement.  

The competitive nature of today’s work environment requires your organization to be equipped with the suitable tools to facilitate success. Our custom enterprise software and information systems development services will give you these tools to enable an increased efficiency and precision.

Our dynamic, multi-skilled team build systems that run on all platforms (desktop, web, mobile, cloud, on-premise), and work with all forms of data (relational, geographic, graph, document, multimedia) from small to large scale enterprises.

We have a unique solutions delivery framework, referred to as the EEDDEE Framework. This framework is: 1) Driven by an entrepreneurial philosophy that ensures an undiluted focus on delivering business value, 2) simplified to ensure the use of time and resources be solely on productive activities, and 3) inclusive at all stages to enable client participation throughout all processes.

Our custom built systems currently hold an active user-base of over 820,000 in various sectors including water resources management, government, telecoms, agriculture, mining, real estate, energy, humanitarian aid and retail.